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I imagine

I write

I generate

I've had the daily pleasure of creating something from nothing. Taking a blank sheet of paper and turning it into living, breathing content -- video, audio, animation, print -- that leaves clients, readers, and viewers saying, "More, please." I'm a Storyteller, plain and simple.

To my mind, creativity is about connecting dots. Dots that others don't see. Taking disparate things and tying them together in ways that spark comments like, oh, I dunno, maybe, "Huh. It never occurred to me to play the emo goth teen off of the alien reptile creature to sell cloud computing. But it works." (Okay, that's a stretch, but you get my point)

So, what do you get with Bryan?


Video scripts? Articles? Novels? Blogs?

Check, check, check, annnnd check.

I've developed, written, produced, or directed over 2000 videos (not a typo). I worked in affiliate network television (ABC, NBC, CBS), cranking out promotional, marketing, and advertising content at a staggering rate. I then made the switch to corporate video, creating content for enterprise corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and T-Mobile. I've written across multiple genres and verticals. Serious, funny, you name it.

I can edit. Like, video edit. Not the flashy stuff, I leave that to full-time editors, but I'm serviceable with Adobe Premiere.

I'm not a designer but have a pretty darn fine eye for composition if I do say so.

Need some sound design? I can do that and have done that, a lot over the years. Actually won an Emmy for my audio editing. (We'll get to the whole Emmy thing in a minute) Done a fair amount of work as voice and on-camera talent as well.

Over my career, I've received 11 Emmy awards, and a few other shiny doorstops that you probably haven't heard of, but I'm still proud as punch about them. Do people still say proud as punch? Hmmm.

I've written for numerous magazines and websites, and have authored several books. Even written a couple of radio dramas.

What all this means is that I bring a great deal of digital experience to the table. Experience that can help your business move the needle. This is what I live for.

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